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This is a small sampling of the many shapes we manufacture on a daily basis, need additional features, or have a print - just give us a call 1-800-845-2813, or email your print to If you prefer, visit our website click request a quote and fill in your dimensions.

Internal Tab

Half Washer

Square I.D.


Flat Round

Oval O.D.

Hexegon O.D.


Rectangular O.D.

Spring Tension

Hexegon I.D.

C-Shaped / Slotted

Flat on O.D.

Countersunk I.D.

Bent Washer

Oval i.D.

Flat on I.D.

Radius Corners



O -Center Hole

Chamfer Corners

Extra Hole(s)

Chamfer/Radius OD

Spherical Radius

Rectangle I.D.

Angle / Radius

External Keyway

Spring Retainer

Three Wave

Angle / Sharp


Cut-Out . Knocked O.D.

Internal Keyway

Four Wave

U-Shim / Space

Angle / Chamfer

External Tab

Flat w/ Angle

Square O.D.


Bent Tab

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