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At Phoenix, Quality is not an added value – it’s What We Do Our staff is committed to meeting or exceeding your requirements from our initial quote to the delivered product, building quality into everything we do. That commitment drove us to become one of the first sup- pliers to become certified as AS9000 and later AS9100. Although we supply product to a diverse group of industries, we treat every customer’s order the same: to the highest quality standards. All parts are fully traceable to the mill (raw material source), machine, and operator for each process performed and all inspections along the way. We’ve built our reputation for Quality and World Class Service by being consis- tent - which is critical in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Inspection Equipment 1 Brown and Sharp CMM 3 Optical Comparators 3 QCS Vision Machines 1

Mitutoyo Quick Vision Machine

4 Mitutoyo Quick Image Machines Hundreds of calibrated support gages ranging from microscopes to micrometers.


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